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Vintage & Signed Blotter Art

F.A.Q.'s about Blotter Art

What is Blotter Art?

Blotter Art is one of Underground America's most important (and misunderstood) forms of folk art! Blotter Art started out as the artwork that drug dealers used to drop liquid LSD onto so that they may easily sell the drug. After some time, art lovers began to understand the value of this artform and collect and preserve the unsaturated artwork. Since then, Blotter Art has become the "eclectic" choice in art. Read more about this on the History of Blotter page.

Why do you sell Blotter Art?

We feel that Blotter Art is a very important artform. Blotter Art tells the story of a once active psychedelic underground movement. Its use of repetetive iconography can be seen in many genres of art, most notably those works created by Andy Warhol. All of the Blotter Art we sell is manufactured scrictly as art and is NOT manufactured as a vehicle for controlled substances. Our art's similarity to illegal Blotter Acid is purely asthetic, and no attempt has been made to mimic it otherwise.

Is Blotter Art illegal?

No. Blotter Art is not illegal. Blotter Art is ART! However, LSD is illegal, therefore there is no LSD present on any of our artwork.

Can I be arrested for Blotter Art?

Yes! Although the artwork itself is not illegal, you can still be arrested because it does look identical to the artwork that drug dealers sell on the streets. The arresting authorities will then have to test the artwork to see if it contains any traces of LSD, which it does not.

Our recommendation is that you frame this art and keep it at home on display.

Also, if you try to sell (or even give away) this artwork as if it were real LSD, you can be arrested and convicted of possesion and distribution of a Controlled Dangerous Substance, even though the artwork contains no illegal substance! Therefore, we recommend that only those who enjoy and appreciate these items for their artistic value bother to purchase them. accepts no responsibility for the misuse of purchased items.

From where do these prints come? purchases prints from several blotter art designers. As well, some of these prints come from locations like San Francisco and the Bay Area, Salt Lake City, Florida, Montana and locations as far away as Amsterdam and France . We will also purchase prints from individuals on the wholesale level in both large and small quantities.

Does sell prints to other Blotter Art dealers?

Yes! We sell prints to many resellers. If you would like to purchase wholesale, just contact us and we can give you a Wholesale Password, so you can log into the site and get wholesale prices. Wholesale Accounts require a minimum purchase of $500.

Can I Get a Custom Blotter?

We are now able to provide custom blotter prints. Prices start at $400.

How Will My Purchase Be Shipped?

We ship all prints in a cardboard reinforced envelope via USPS Priority. For packing details visit the Shipping page. For shipments outside of the United States we ship via USPS Parcel or Letter Post. We find that it takes about 7 business days for packages to reach foreign countries like the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. At any time you can log into this site to track your order.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Depending on our order volume, you can expect your package to arrive 3-6 days after you make a payment. All items listed on our site are in stock, therefore your item will never be backordered.

How can I contact you to find out more information?

You can email me at with any questions you may have. However, if you email and ask about any illegal activities, we will not respond., and anyone associated with this site, do not commit, nor condone, any illegal activity.

Top 10 List

I can give you a personally tailored top ten Blotter Prints You Should Buy List based on what you can spend, your art interests, and the prints you already own. This makes it easy to start a collection that doesn't contain "dime-a-dozen" Blotter Prints.

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