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Vintage & Signed Blotter Art

Leary Profile by Mark McCloud

Your Price: $80.00
This blotter features a stylized image of Dr. Leary as he appeared shortly before his death. Mark McCloud suggests the musical notes are from Dr. Leary's favorite song and the skulls suggest Dr. Leary had death on his shoulder as his death was eminent. This print was part of a collection by Mark McCloud named the Dirty Dozen. Leary Profile measures 7.5 in. by 7.5 in. or 30 squares by 30 squares. This makes a total of 900, 1/4 in. squares. Getting hard to find now more people seek original vintage sheets from Mark's collection.

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I'm so stupid
otis (usa) 19/10/2016 04:54
So I have been looking for this page since I started collecting blotter art. The first lsd trip i had happened after I ate one of those music notes 25 years ago. So you all understand it was really something to have found an original perforated full page of the one dirty dozen that means the most to me. Right out of Mark McCloud's collection himself. I'd have paid a grand. Long story short I got it. And I loved it so much I went down to kinko's and got laminated. Before they were even done I already knew I just made a terrible decision. It's basically ruined. all it is now is a really expensive mouse pad. I will be buying another one while I can but let this be a lesson to you; DON'T LAMINATE YOUR BLOTTER ART!!! Regards- Otis ;)
Secret Language, Musical Notes, JollyRanger>Pirates sure Smil2e
Dtrain (SF) 12/10/2015 03:23
This is a memorable DDozen that accompanies McCloud's Leary Rainbow & Leary Profile. This is by far my favorite of the three. Do you have any with the Signature White Uncut bottom signed by Mark McCloud? If memory serves wasn't there a S/N Leary Profile with the bottom Signature Lip out of 85 pieces? Is this correct? Thanks for any feedback. What is the difference is release of the Profile with the white 14 point Signature space in comparison to the amount of each version that exists. This will always be one to remember, unable to forget for various reasons maybe you may know but not understand. PAUL: NO LEARY PROFILE SHEETS SIGNED BY TIMOTHY LEARY WERE NUMBERED. SOME WERE SIGNED ON THE WHITE BORDER SOME SIGNED WITHOUT THE BORDER. TOTAL NUMBERS UNKNOWN.
Glorious and gorgeous
alexgreyfan (Unknown) 22/12/2007 05:16
This sheet will not disappoint the hardcore Leary fan. Ordered this sheet and was blown away by the detail, truly a work of art and one of the better designs available.
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