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Vintage & Signed Blotter Art

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Get more than 50% discount on wholesale orders of 100 sheets or more, 100 sheets of standard blotter art priced $10-20 for $500. This offer does not apply to any of the vintage, signed, rare sheets, blotter art from Mark McCloud's collection, or any other items on this site such as posters, books, etc.

Blotter art is ideal for selling festivals, on websites or market stalls /shops etc. This wholesale offer is a great way to make money or a cheap way to invest in blotter art during the recession. You will not be disappointed with the profits you can make by selling some of my best sellers such as the Albert Hofmann Bike ride (1943), Psychedelic Panda, Balloon Girl, Ganesha 2013 etc, etc

Please feel free to email me for more details or further disounts on larger orders, where a discount can be as large as 75% or more off the marked prices.

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