April 7, 2020

Beware of fake blotter art

I have to say something, over recent years a few people have come along and decided it would be a good idea to reprint old blotter art designs.  It annoys me when I see people reprint a classic blotter image that is already avaialable un-dipped,  a double sided Alice, a Mad hatter, Mindstates or an even rarer Barrel of Monkeys.  This means the collectors who believe they are getting a bargain are getting ripped off, a genuine Mark Mccloud sheet worth hundreds for $40?   DO not let the price fool you even if it is hundreds of dollars, it could still be a fake.  Some collectors will never know they have a collection containing fake blotter art, for many years.  Unless you have an original sheet to compare with you are unlikely to know what you have got. One thing you cannot fake easily is age.  The original vintage sheets are often showing age, some of the thinner paper printed original like carbon Jesus have weak perforations that are almost coming apart where the paper is slowly deteriorating.

Most of these fakes are just cheap dodgy reprints, done on a cheap inkjet, which is not blotter art, you cannot print blotter art on an inkjet printer. These sheets are not printed from original files but from scans of old sheets, the quality will rarely be as good as the original.

These pieces of perforated paper are useless and worthless.  If you need some advice before you buy please feel free to get in touch with me, I can always ask Mark for a second opinion. A scan does not show off the thickness of the paper, the quality of printing etc.  You can check an original sheet against a fake, if the perfortions are different, some have 12 holes per inch, some 18 holes per inch etc etc. You can count how many perofratons per 1″ = 4 x 1/4″ squares.   Mark’s perf board on some of his designs you can follow the perforations against the small image and you will see the holes are not in the same place compared to the small image as you move down or across the sheet.  It is hard to make a fake look as good as an original.