April 14, 2020

Postal delays worldwide – Please read

Not surprisingly, the post worldwide has got many long delays due to this virus. All parcels are taking longer than the normal 1-7 working days to arrive.  I cannot say how long  an individual parcel will take to arrive, as each country has it’s oown guidelines for carrying mail.  I know some parcels have arrived as late as 3 weeks. My own post is only delivered a couple of times a week instead of daily.  I waited for a parcel from USA sent in February to show up in April but that was lost in transit early, and delayed with the virus.  Times have changed and things are not normal anymore.  Please be patient as parcels are not getting lost, they are just not all showing up on the royal mail tracking page, maybe because it reduces the number of people needed to handle your parcel to show tracking from end to end.  Parcels are getting scanned on delivery.  Please support blotter art by continuing to order. Extra sheets of blotter art are included with all orders to show my thanks for supporting me during these terrible times.

Any parcels that do not arrive after 45 days will be re-posted for free, not the usual 28 days I allow for parcels to arrive before re-posting.