We make the best quality blotter art in the world = Best value for money.

Have you ever wondered how to make your own Blotter Art? Are you an artist who would like a custom made piece of Blotter Art? Are you an eBay seller who wants to increase sales by having an exclusive Blotter Art print? Look no further! We can help produce print quality art for you based on your concept. All printing is done on a Heidelberg offset lithograph printing press using vegetable inks and chlorine free paper, the proper way blotter art should be made.  Minimum order for custom blotter art is 50 sheets of one design, we cannot do any small runs of less than 50 sheets. Turnaround time is approx 2-3 weeks depending where you are in the world.

All prices include postage worldwide with tracking.

50 Sheets = $200

100 Sheets = $350

500 Sheets  = $1200

1000 Sheets = $1800.

Please email for more details admin@blotterart.com