75 Years ov LSD LP – Birthing the inner spiritual child


75 Year ov LSD LP with poster and blotter art.

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Vinyl compilation, 33 rpm LP-Set
Artists: Kin Sun, Eden 123, Eddie Zarook, D man, Roger 23

A quater of a century after publishing the vinyl-compilation ’50th Anniversary Of LSD – A Tribute to Albert Hofmann’ on Heidelbergs Source-Records Label (1993) the pioneers of electronic dancemusic responsible for the compilation got together to celebrate the 75th Birthyear of LSD with this follow-up release. This new vinyl-album is characterized by the unique sound of Kin Sun and the conceptual art-work of Eden 123.

The A-side-filling track ‘Danceografic Mind Fields’ – inspired by the book ‘Dancing naked in the mind-field’ by the LSD-experienced and Nobel prize-winning american biochemist Kary Mullis – is a deep journey through techno-, acid/house-, ambient- and psychedelic folk. The AA-side opens Joel (aka Eddie Zarook) with a harmonic flowing housetrack ‘Hypnotic E’. On AA2 bassheavy and with broken beats once again Kin Sun with ‘Molecules’. Completing the 43 minute album with ‘In every life little rain shall fall’ is DJ and producer legend Roger 23.

Limited to 250 each LP-Set contains a poster and the blotter art-sheet ‘True Sacrament’.

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