Albert Hofmann – Bike Ride 1943 Green large


Classicbike ride 1943. Not to be confused with the low quality copies being sold elsewhere. Made exactly the same way as the orignal sheets with a matt finish from offset printing and vegetable inks. Measures 20cm x 16cm perforated into 500 x 8mm squares.

Name Range Discount
20 for $160 20 - 20 $8.00 as price per unit
10 for $80 - copy 10 - 100 $8.00 as price per unit
30 for $240 - copy 30 - 30 $8.00 as price per unit


A full size blotter art of this classic image. This sheet measures 7.5 inches square and is perforated into 900 1/4″ squares. Printed with vegetable inks on Chlorine free paper.


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