Salvador Dali – Hallucinogenic Toreador


Salvador Dali – Hallucinagenic Torreador, a popular design on blotter art 20cm x 16cm perforated into 500 squares.

Name Range Discount
20 for $160 20 - 20 $8.00 as price per unit
10 for $80 - copy 10 - 100 $8.00 as price per unit
30 for $240 - copy 30 - 30 $8.00 as price per unit


This unique application of Salvador Dali’s surreal imagery finds itself right at home on this blotter art sheet! Bright, crisp printing is sure to get the approval of even the most jaded Dali collector. This print measures 20cm x 16cm and perforated into 500 squares.


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